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Since 2005, Aquarius IT has focused its expertise on delivering forward-thinking fleet compliance and data management systems that innovatively provide transport operators with an efficient, smarter, and greener way of managing their compliance responsibilities.

This total-system approach to managing all areas of fleet management data relating to vehicle and driver activity has proved to not only be beneficial for compliance and safety – as well as for operators seeking Earned Recognition - it is also helping those operating a large or small fleet of vehicles locally or across the country and / or running London-specific vehicles to run more efficiently, both financially and practically.

As a result, more and more operators are looking for integrated, real-life technologies to replace current paper or standalone digital systems. Aquarius’s family of digital solutions, includes Tachograph Analysis, Asset Maintenance, Driver Defect Reporting and Document Management – plus more via the Aquarius App - which all provide a real ‘connected’ solution for processing, managing, analysing and reporting on all aspects of driver and vehicle data.

As road transport software specialists with expert knowledge of the legislation, creating workable digital solutions for customers is Aquarius’s key strength. This is further supported by Aquarius’s in-house team of IT developers who have a proven pedigree for developing cutting-edge digital solutions and who always stay one step ahead of the technological – and legislative – curve.

This level of support and expertise, with offices in the North West and the Midlands, will greatly benefit FORS’ members looking for a credible software partner; a partner who understands the road transport industry and can offer an informed level of support, training and after-care.

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Since the inception of digital tachographs, Aquarius’s Tachograph Analysis software (ClockWatcher Elite) has led the way in technology innovation. Aquarius was the first company to offer both analogue and digital tachograph analysis for Drivers Hours’ Law and Road Transport Directive in one software package, and we have continued to evolve the software in line with developments in technology and customer's specific needs.

For road transport operators, operating a large or small fleet of vehicles locally or across the country and / or running London-specific vehicles, Aquarius’s software offers the full tachograph analysis solution - from one source, one dashboard, one log-in. Users benefit from:

• A proven web-based solution that allows easy access from any device with internet connection.
• Accepts digital and analogue data, no matter how it is delivered - and consolidates vehicle and driver information into a comprehensive set of reports.
• Clear reporting of missing kms and "driving with no card" via in-depth cross-referencing of card and VU data.
• Real-time 'shift' information available via remote downloading solutions.
• Intelligent rules engine providing up-to-date planning assistance.
• Cutting-edge 'Weekly Rest' module allows operators to accurately plan-in compensation.
• Integration with the company’s Asset Maintenance, eSIGN paperless reporting system, Daily Driver Defect Reporting App and Time & Attendance solutions.
• Monitor and manage tachograph data, driver / vehicle defects, licence checks, remote downloading (fully automated facility), PODs, driver debriefs, T&A.
• DVSA Earned Recognition approved.
• Provides a secure central system that speeds up processes and makes administration more efficient and traceable.

Aquarius’s Asset Maintenance software has transformed how transport operators manage, communicate, connect and report on all areas of fleet management relating to vehicle maintenance / inspection and driver activity.

By integrating Asset Maintenance with the system's Tachograph Analysis software, Defect Check App, Time & Attendance, Defect Reporting and eSIGN technologies, Aquarius is able to provide an all-encompassing 'connective' fleet management solution for both drivers and vehicles.
For transport managers this means that all driver / vehicle data can be shared on one platform and automatically cross-referenced across the full suite of Aquarius’s products, for greater efficiency, visibility and ease of management. Plus, it means a busy transport office is not having to maintain more than one data set, and has one point of contact to call on.

Examples of the software's connectivity include; the fact that Asset Maintenance uniquely integrates with the Tachograph Analysis System and Daily Driver Defect Check App to enable operators to drill into, and report on, linked driver and vehicle information.

It also provides a full audit trail for all company assets requiring periodic maintenance or inspection; from company vehicles to trailers and fork lift trucks, in addition to workshop equipment and machinery for example. Integration with the Defect Check App, also enables defects and PMIs to be assigned to mechanics with a simple click of a button.

As an extension to this, Aquarius has recently developed Asset Finance, which provides operators and workshop managers with an intuitive way of tracking costs, and monitoring maintenance / part costs related to each individual asset. The flexibility of Asset Finance also enables commercially-run workshops to examine and report on costs related to external operations.

FORS Member’ Nigel Thornton, the Compliance Director at Collett & Sons Ltd, said: “There is no other transport system on the market like Aquarius in terms of its connectivity and the way all the driver and vehicle reporting tools ‘talk’ to each other.”


Aquarius’s standalone and integrated software solutions have fundamentally grown in response to customer’s specific needs. With an in-house team of developers, Aquarius can uniquely offer FORS members a tailored / customised solution in line with their own business operations.

As road transport software specialists with expert knowledge of the legislation and the latest smart tachographs, creating workable digital solutions for customers is Aquarius’s key strength. This level of support and expertise will greatly benefit FORS’ members looking for a credible software partner; a partner who understands the industry and can offer an informed level of support and training.

With an inhouse compliance team that sits on various steering groups in Brussels, FORS members can draw on Aquarius’s insightful experience and knowledge.

As the industry’s experts in providing reliable compliance-management software solutions, and as a British company with its own in-house team of IT, technical and compliance experts, the Aquarius team also prides itself on offering unrivalled levels of customer support and after-care. Its this support that makes all the difference.

In addition to providing a thorough analysis of driver and vehicle data, Aquarius’s Tachograph Analysis and Asset Maintenance software also analyses a company’s records, giving operators a full 360° graphical representation of all driver and vehicle activity. As an IT supplier for Earned Recognition, which many FORS members will be signed up to, Aquarius’s Tachograph Analysis and Asset Maintenance software provides a range of Earned Recognition reports for due diligence. This further facilitates best practice and due diligence in support of FORS’ accreditation scheme.

Aquarius’s software remains one of the most cost competitive systems available to operators.

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