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TDi Software is the proud affinity partner behind FORS Tacho Service. Offering simple, modern and efficient tachograph analysis software, FORS Tacho Service can assist FORS members with fulfilling the D7 requirement and offering features to help reduce infringement rates, assist with working time, and increase accuracy with a whole range of in-depth reports.
Features also include intuitive powerful dashboards, handy working time calendars, driver debrief to reduce infringements across fleets, helpful scheduled reporting and a driver app to manage working time and infringements on the go.

TDi Software has over 30 years experience providing tachograph analysis and transport software solutions for fleets of all sizes. Our software solutions range from tachograph analysis, vehicle walkaround check apps, transport management systems, licence checking services and we can even assist with remote tachograph downloading, all to help businesses manage their fleet and tackle compliance with ease.

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At TDi Software, we offer modern software solutions to help your business with driver and vehicle compliance. From tachograph analysis, to transport management systems. We’re also the provider of FORS Tacho Service, offering tachograph analysis to FORS members to assist in fulfilling the D7 requirement and helping to achieve bronze FORS status. We provide a range of products to help you run your transport operation smoothly and efficiently.

Our tachograph analysis offers simple, informative dashboards, and detailed reports to help you get the most out of your data.

With disc-check you can benefit from:
Simple dashboards for all your data
Working time management
Scheduled Reporting
Driver App
Driver Debrief module
Approved IT provider for Earned Recognition scheme

Streamline your vehicle checks and improve vehicle downtime with digital daily walkaround checks for your entire fleet.

With vehicle-check you can benefit from:
Defect reporting for your entire fleet.
Unlimited bespoke questions and checklists
Photo and video capture defects
Simple defect management
Incident reporting

TransMaS is a smart transport management system which combines the daily tasks of running a transport office, into one simple to use system.

With TransMaS you can benefit from:
Order processing
Driver rosters
Real-time traffic sheets
Customer and Contractor portals
Integrated driver app
Built-in invoicing

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