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CLOCS is the National Standard for construction logistics, reducing risk to vulnerable road users, driving operational efficiencies and improving air quality and congestion. It brings stakeholders together to work collaboratively to maximise the many commercial and social benefits associated with safer, leaner and greener construction logistics.

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CLOCS was formed to address the increasing and disproportionate problem of construction related fatalities and serious injuries caused by construction traffic.

With nearly four times as many construction-related fatalities outside the hoarding compared to inside, it was recognised that a culture-shift was necessary to provide a clear focus on raising standards. It was also recognised that this issue does not sit with any one party but that all stakeholders have a role to play.

Over the years, CLOCS has quickly become the National Standard for construction logistics safety across the UK, not just to reduce incidents but also tackle air quality and congestion, and has been adopted by an ever-growing number of CLOCS Champions who commit to operating at a higher standard and require adherence to the CLOCS requirements in their activities.

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